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Before you hire a “Tax Resolution Firm” that advertises “pennies on the dollar”, consider a CHEAPER alternative: A licensed tax attorney!

I represent Taxpayers all across the nation that owe over $10,000 in back taxes. I earned my general law degree (JD) from the University of Kentucky College of Law and I obtained an advanced law degree, a Masters of Law (LL.M) in Taxation, from New York University School of Law. I was also an Accounting major. I am authorized to practice law before the United States Tax Court.

I do not make promises about results (e.g. ‘settle for pennies on the dollar’ sales pitch), but I will promise to zealously represent your interests and charge your fairly if you hire me. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a licensed tax attorney give you legal advice rather than a non-attorney sales agent with an out-of-state national tax resolution firm, especially if it did not cost you more? Non-attorneys cannot give you legal advice. 

There are many legal options to pursue when faced with Federal and State tax liens, levies and garnishments, but some have important deadlines. If you need legal advice on how to proceed, I would like to offer my help.

I would like the chance to help you seek relief from tax collection action by reviewing the following options, among others, with you:

  • Submit an Offer in Compromise
  • Request a Collection Due Process Hearing or “Equivalency Hearing”
  • Seek “Currently Not Collectible” status if collection activity will result in actual hardship
  • Challenge the underlying tax liability in United States Tax Court
  • Pay and sue for a refund in Federal District
  • Discharge eligible taxes in Bankruptcy
  • Enter into an Installment Agreement
  • Assert the Statute of Limitations as a defense
  • Seek Innocent Spouse Relief
  • Appeal under the Collection Appeals Program
  • Seek Penalty Abatement under the “Good Faith” exception

Call me NOW at 502-649-4788 or email me at darby@kytaxlawyer.com